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August 28, 2013 at 3:40 PMAdo
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First thing is first, I am going to answer some frequently asked questions:

How much does your SEO package cost?

Monthly cost:  $400/mo
No setup fee
No contracts
** Please note that we do not do SEO for any clients who are not on our website platform.

What does your SEO package offer?

We focus on getting your website ranked high by community.  What this means is when you select us to do your SEO we ask you what are the top 3 communities you wish to work in.  Using those communities we will optimize your website to rank as high as possible for all the best keywords.  This also means that if an agent has already picked a community we would mark it as taken and would not be able to do SEO for another agent for that same community.

What kind of results can I expect to see with your SEO?

Results for SEO vary from website to website.  Our goal is to increase the traffic on your website as much as possible.

Having said that, here are some average increases we have had so far:

When we started SEO website had 0 visitors.  By the 3rd month the website had 309 visitors.  By the 3rd month the website got 5 leads.

Video Showing Results

When we started SEO website has 0 visitors.  By the 4th month the website had 596 visitors, by the 4th month the website had 790 visitors.  By the 4th month the website had 21 leads.

Video Showing Results

When we started SEO website had 0 visitors.  By the 4th month the website had 1,212 visitors.  By the 7th month the website had 2,081 visitors.  By the 7th month the website was getting 103 leads per month.

Video Showing Results

What do you do for the $400/mo

There are 4 different tasks that we do to get your website ranking higher.

#1 - Writing content, every month we are going to have an in house professional content writer put together an article about a relevant subject and post it onto your website.
#2 - We are going to find other websites who are interested enough to write about you and post back links to your website, this will increase the number of links going to your website.
#3 - On site optimization will take place where we do all the necessary work needed to ensure your websites SEO is at it's highest on your website.
#4 - We are going to get our social media coordinator to post relevant information to your Facebook, Twitter & Google+ accounts.

What kind of updates or reports do I get from you?

At the end of each month you will receive an email from our SEO team with everything we have done for you.  The report would look something like this:

Last month you had 150 visitors come to your website, this month you have 250 visitors come to your website.
We have added this blog post to your website:  LINK TO ARTICLE
We have gotten this website to link back to you:  PAGE WHICH LINKS TO YOUR WEBSITE
We have done the following on site optimization to your website:  INFO ABOUT OPTIMIZATION
We have submitted the following posts to your Facebook page, Twitter & Google Plus

What happens when I cancel my SEO service with you?

One thing that's completely different with us then other SEO companies is that we will not be removing anything we have done for you when & if you cancel your SEO services.  All we do is simply stop doing more.  Anything we have done for you already will stay the same and we will never remove any work or links which was performed while we were doing your SEO.

White Hat SEO

It's important to note that all SEO work performed by us is considered white hat and is completely legit based on Google Guidelines.

How to place your order for SEO

Before we can accept you into our SEO program you must already be on our website service.  If you are not, you would have to switch your website provider over to us.  To place your order please call 905 712 1001, ask for Ado or send an email to  Within your email please provide us with your domain name & 3 communities for which you want us to do SEO for.  Please note that communities are based on first come first serve, if we are already doing SEO for a community you have selected we will inform you that you will have to pick a different community.



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